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The Unsustainable Degradation of a Runted Species

Imre von Soos

        "I've found the link between apes and civilized men - it's us." Konrad Lorenz.

        "History will doubtless regard this age not only as one of vast wars, disorders and revolutions but also as the Age of Propaganda, of the press agent, the lobbyist, the public relations man, the demagogue and the Cominform. The average citizen in every nation and most of all in the U.S. is bombarded constantly by propaganda and press releases designed to cloud his judgement, appeal to his prejudices, fill him with deliberate misinformation for a calculated purpose, and generally sell him down the river.

        Government during the past generation has become itself one of the greatest propagandists, all the way from the professional elements in the armed services, who hire thousands of press agents at taxpayers' expense to sell their own particular bill of goods, down to the smallest bureau which sends out mimeographed sheets concerning the wonderful humanitarian work it is doing and how indispensable this work is to the welfare of the nation and the world, and above all how indispensable it is for the political party in power to be continued in office."

        "There has been much degradation in our time of such once honourable words as "liberal" and "freedom" and "democracy" and "idealism" and many others. They have been used carelessly and frequently as tools of corruption, conspiracy, treason and mere sloppy thinking and aimless missionary zeal. Some of the defilement has come from the evil forces of conspiracy represented by the Nazis, the Fascists and the Communists, but much of it has come too from the sentimentalists and the gushing reformers who simply by-pass fact and reality in warm and ecstatic enjoyment and appreciation of their own goodness and virtue. And in by-passing the realities they merely defeat their own occasionally commendable, declared purposes and bring confusion and misery to an already suffering world. Nothing is so dangerous as a superficial, illogical, uninformed reformer and "idealist". He who deals with facts builds a solid structure which will endure; he who deals with dreams of a world as it aught to be or as he would like it to become overnight, only builds a ramshackle structure of sand, which inevitably must fall of its own weight of folly and superficiality, bringing with its fall new confusions and disasters."

        These lines were written in 1953 by Louis Bromfield in "A New Pattern for a Tired World". He headed the chapter with a quote from Nikolai Lenin: "It is unnecessary to destroy the Western capitalist nations in war. They will spend themselves into total destruction." As also will, and do in fact, all the followers of Marxist socialistic and communistic ideologies. What stays out of this obscene degradation are some sporadic natural nomadic tribes and a relatively few dissident individual thinkers.

        The twentieth century was full of warning.

        In 1950, when the human population of the world was 2515 millions, Aldous Huxley wrote in an essay titled The Double Crisis: "Man is his own Martian, at war against himself. Over-breeding and extractive agriculture are his weapons and, though he may not know it, his war aims are the ravaging of his planet, the destruction of his civilization and the degradation of his species."

        In 1972, a report for the Club of Rome's projection on the predicament of mankind was based on the investigation of five major interconnected trends of global concern: 1. rapid population growth; 2. widespread malnutrition; 3. accelerating industrialization and the consequent pollution; 4. depletion of non-renewable resources; and 5. a deteriorating environment. Quite obviously, the last four concerns are the direct consequences of the first one.

        "We have shown - says the report - that in the world model the application of technology to apparent problems of resource depletion or pollution or food shortage has no impact on the essential problem, which is exponential growth in a finite and complex system... It has led us to one conclusion that appears to be justified under all the assumptions we have tested so far. The basic behaviour mode of the world system is exponential growth of population and capital, followed by collapse."

        The prediction speeds towards its fulfillment, as according to the 2003 State of the World report by the Washington-based Worldwatch Institute, the human race has only one or perhaps two generations to rescue itself. "The longer that no remedial action is taken, the greater the degree of misery and biological impoverishment that humankind must be prepared to accept," the Institute says in its 20th annual report. Various other reports, like that of the Pentagon and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change foresee world-catastrophic conditions already for the second decade of this greatly celebrated millennium.

        Aldous Huxley's warnings five, and the Club of Rome's Report three decades ago were just as futile as are those of the Worldwatch and the others now. The population-explosion was already declared officially to be an ever growing menace when the human population of the planet was just nearing the three billion mark. Officially, yes, but governmentally, not! The biologist Sir Julian Huxley has stated in the mid sixties in his treatise The Age of Overbreed, that "It is a grave scandal that the World Health Organization has twice been prevented by Roman Catholic pressure - aided, I regret to say, by Anglo-Saxon apathy - from even considering population as a factor in world health. . [While] "the United Nations' ostrich-like refusal to admit the existence of population as a problem is decreasing, the clause empowering the UN to give technical assistance for programs of population control on request from governments was rejected through the negative votes of most Catholic countries, and the abstention of the Communist block (as well as the U.S. and Canada) [1962] . . at the moment, a sense of urgency that is most essential - and pressure to overcome the deliberate counter-pressures of Roman Catholicism and Russian Marxism, of competitive profit-hungry business and competitive power-hungry nationalism, and the non-deliberate but equally powerful resistance of tradition and vested interest, of ignorance and stupidity."

        A few decades have passed without action, while the population increased with another more than three billion people, producing an even greater rate of famine and plague, and an aggravated danger of war and death. And the population-explosion became an even more taboo subject at the UN than it ever was, due to Roman Catholic pressure, vested interests, and outright human stupidity. Not even the Greens consider it the greatest ecological aggression, and fight it as they fight all the minor ones, which are but its consequences. In Europe the intelligent countries keep their numbers naturally, but have to protect themselves from the very dangerous flood of low and very low mental quality from those countries that don't. Only the Chinese took to a drastic, but the only intelligent measure to check their numbers, with the result of a fast growing general well-being.

        Another outlawed subject is the fact, that the quantitative gain of the general population is inversely proportional with its qualitative one. "There is a tendency for the decline to be the most rapid among the most accomplished and gifted members of the population, - writes Aldous Huxley in his already quoted essay - least rapid among those whose hereditary and educational endowment is the lowest. The higher the Intelligence Quotient and the level of education, the smaller the family and vice versa. The future population of Western Europe and North America will be constituted, in the main, by the descendants of the least intelligent persons now living in those areas. . . Reacting to what goes on in this man-made universe, they use their free will to modify their basic pattern of animal behaviour. And when the nature of the human universe is such as to discourage the more sensitive, intelligent and prudent individuals from reproducing their kind, the deterioration of entire societies comes about with an almost explosive rapidity. Thus an eminent English authority, Sir Cyril Burt, foresees that by the end of the twentieth century there will be, in Great Britain, half as many children of scholarship ability as there are at present [1950], and twice as many defectives, while the average intelligence of the population as a whole will have declined by five IQ points. . . Is it possible for democratic institutions to flourish in a community in which the incidence of outstanding ability is falling while that of mental defect is rising? . . it will be necessary to develop new types of training designed to get the best out of worsening human material and to find means for inducing the congenitally gifted to reproduce their kind."

        But instead of fostering and increasing its resources of men and women of outstanding ability, and inducing the congenitally gifted to reproduce their kind, the spirit of the age, infected by the so-called "democratic" and so-called "socialistic" egalitarian balderdash, is set out to remove individual differences, and to dwarf imagination and individual thinking; the qualities which have spread the human race over a larger intellectual spectrum, than the rest of creation represents on this planet from the simplest virus to the mediocre Homo sapiens. What is preserved in this runted race is the flat-foot - in body, mind and spirit - proving conclusively that of small people no great things can arise.

        L. M. Terman, in his studies on intelligence, "deplored the lack of recognition and encouragement of brighter children in American schools. Both teachers and parents, it seemed, wanted to produce the conventional, socially well-adjusted child and viewed the unusually talented student with suspicion... The guidance of gifted children is made more difficult by their versatility. Intellect by its very nature is highly general, and it follows, that to one who is intellectually superior many fields of achievement are possible if the requisite interests and drives are present. ... People like to believe that the genius as a rule is no better than the rest of us, except in one particular. The facts are very different. Except in music and arts, which draw heavily on specialized abilities, there are few persons who have achieved great eminence in one field without displaying more than average ability in one or more other fields... a majority of the subjects displayed more than ordinary ability in five to ten fields."

        This man, this unusually talented student, is of course not a conventional, socially well adjusted member of the Augean stable called "man-made (but not man-making) universe", for the very basic reason that he cannot be manipulated by its exponents, and uses - very indecently - his own mind.

        One of the most shocking revelations comes from John Taylor Gatto's book: The Underground History of American Education: "The secret of commerce, that kids drive purchases, meant that schools had to become psychological laboratories where training in consumerism was the central pursuit." . . "The truth is that America's unprecedented global power and spectacular material wealth are a direct product of a third-rate educational system, upon whose inefficiency in developing intellect and character they depend. If we educated better we could not sustain the corporate utopia we have made. Schools build national wealth by tearing down personal sovereignty, morality, and family life. It was a trade-off."

        The idolatry of the mediocre as a way of identification and self-protection is the attribute of small people. All modern and decadent societies are built on the mediocre, and the first condition of any social cell is that each person should know what to expect from the next, which means uniform behaviour and unquestioning obedience to the rule, for the rule's sake. This applies from cultural and professional associations to religious cults and sub-cults, skin heads, hippies and squares. They accept only stereotyped personalities as members, because the extraordinary is endangering the security of their comfortable state of mind and is a reminder of their inferiority. Whenever an extraordinary being appears in a society, this society will do its best to eradicate him to the utmost degree.

        Eleven years after the Club of Rome Report, "in 1983 the United Nations appointed an international commission to propose strategies for "sustainable development" - ways to improve human well-being in the short term without threatening the local and global environment in the long term. [accentuation added] The Commission was chaired by Norwegian Prime-Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland, and it's report "Our Common Future*", published in 1987 [in another four years!] was widely known as "The Brundtland Report".

        "The 'environment' is where we all live, and 'development' is what we all do in attempting to improve our lot within that abode." - states the report.

        "The apparent conflict between the interests of economic development and the interests of environment has created problems all round the world." - Note the man-environment duality, placing two 'conflicting interests' - those of economic development and those of the environment - as the two equal responsibles for 'creating problems all round the world'; and note also the utter ignorance of the human population explosion in a limited and very intricately equilibrated ecosystem, in the attitudes both of the United Nations and of the Brundtland Report!

        "Over the course of the 20th century the relationship between the human world and the planet that sustains it has undergone a profound change ....... major, unintended changes are occurring in the atmosphere, in soils, in waters, among plants and animals, and in the relationships among all of these [for which, being 'unintended', no human being is responsible]. The rate of change is outstripping the ability of scientific disciplines and our current capabilities to assess and advise. It is frustrating the attempts of political and economic institutions, which evolved in a different, more fragmented world, to adapt and cope ........ [the 'magician's disciples' admit ignorance and impotence, and wash their hands also of any positive action] To keep options open for future generations, the present generation must begin now, and begin together, nationally and internationally. [one more 'imperative' without substance]

        "In this definition the term "Sustainable Development" in itself links the two concepts of "environment" and "development" and it refers to "development seeking to meet the need of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It aims at assuring the on-going productivity of exploitable natural resources and conserving all species of fauna and flora." [accentuation added]

        "This landmark report helped trigger a wide range of actions, including the UN "Earth Summits" in 1992 and 2002*, the International Climate Change Convention and worldwide "Agenda 21" programmes." - All of which contains in fact no practical action, only a great deal of further self-important and self-existence-justifying inconsequential "imperatives generation".

        The UNESCO website under "What is Sustainability?" is getting closer to the truth by putting its finger on "thinking, values and practices in social, economic and political affairs that have put the world on an "unsustainable" path. It is, therefore, not only necessary to deal with the problems, but even more essential, to see the interrelations among these problems and recognize the fundamental need to develop a new perspective rooted in the values of sustainability. It is this need which makes education the key to creating a sustainable future."

        The value of this statement is, that it holds general human thinking, values and practices accountable for what it recognizes to be an "unsustainable" path. It fails, however, like all the others do, to specify the responsible thinking, values and practices, and to make even the vaguest suggestion what a new perspective rooted in the values of sustainability should look like, generating instead only some new 'imperatives', like all the others do. There is no doubt, that education is the key to creating a sustainable future, an education that starts from the cradle, where it should be stressed, that this must start with the des-education of the content of the actual commercial brainwashing the quotation from John Taylor Gatto's book further above was referring to, as much as the des-education from what C.H. Waddington strikingly called the Conventional Wisdom of the Dominant Group, and pregnantly acronymed for COWDUNG, and the des-education from the anthropocentric mentality, and replacing them all with planeto-centric understanding and the induction of individual thinking, acting and responsibility.

        The imperatives generation continues: "What is required is a comprehensive strategy for building a sustainable future which is equitable for all human beings, as highlighted by the Rio Conference (UNCED) in 1992."

        Building on the foundation of an unsustainable present a sustainable future, which is equitable for all, for over six billion human beings irresponsibly and exponentially multiplying themselves, while the whole ecosystem, which they are supposed to be symbiotic constituents of, is being just as exponentially degraded by that act? Do any of them think? Are any of them serious? Don't they all realize, that the task does not involve the creation of circumstances that are needed to build a homogenous 'Homosphere' out of an unruly conglomeration whatever that may cost to our Planet, but the creation of circumstances that are needed to reinstate our Planet into a healthy life-community with a spiritually motivated, mentally productive, ethical and equilibrated, and physically healthy and active human species in harmony with that life-community, whatever that may cost to an unruly conglomeration.

        The degeneration of humanity has created the problems, the degenerated humans are the problem, and a healthily thinking humanity is the solution. Consequently our task is based on the general recognition of the fact, that the Planet is suffering from the exploitive actions of an overwhelmingly parasitic species, which has lost its organismic function in its life-community, and took increasingly more and more advantage of each other and of the rest of the planetary life, disturbing its dynamic equilibrium, reducing the Planet's life-force and reversing its evolutionary trend to the degree as to endanger its capacity to support higher life-manifestations, including Homo sapiens itself. But try to explain this to some cancer-tissue.

        The Planetary Worldview is the General System Weltanschauung, as the Planetary Life-System is the very General System, the absolute foundation of all manifestations on this Planet, which each and every man-made sub-system must be in accord with, as a precondition for its functioning, on which the survival of each sub-system depends.

        The expression "holistic view" refers not only to a 360 degree vision involving a good integral knowledge of all sciences and philosophical thoughts, but also the awareness that the subjects of all that knowledge constitute one harmonious whole, the Universe. The holistic study of this Universal Organism - General System - has brought Ludwig von Bertalanffy, the prominent biologist, to the foundation in the fifties of the Society of General System Research. The objective of this "research" is the study of the "general system" of the Universe as an existing and quite obviously well working system, which each and every constituting sub-system of various order must be in harmony with for sustainable function and evolution.

        The idea behind this "research" is not the "scientific" creation or composition of new rhythms and new music for various human interests, overriding with its noise the rest of existence, but to perceive the basic composition of absolute music of the Universe, the "music of the spheres", in it the harmonies that support the planetary life of Earth, on which foundation then sub-harmonies and improvisations can be produced to guide sustainable human participation and development in the evolving planetary life.

        After von Bertalanffy's death the "research" became "science", and the 360 degree view became subdivided into 10 degree fractions, each producing its own noise disregarding, while the cacophony, but mostly its production, is declared to be indispensable for the benefit of humanity.

        Reading through the UNESCO-IAU site - - one will find, that without rationally defining the concept "sustainable development", and without even attempting to outline any corrective steps to reach it, rectors and professors of leading universities in the world associated themselves with the intent to devise a curriculum and train professors and teachers to bring it by to a new generation of students, who, on the foundation of that acquired knowledge, should be able to solve this most pressing world-problem, which they themselves have no idea how to go about.

        Scientists and politicians are talking in 2004 about "sustainable development", ignoring, that already well over half a century ago, with one third of the now existing human population, not even the status quo was sustainable. In those times there were plenty of courageous outcries, now nobody in any position dares to 'encourage himself' to even open his mouth, save in accord with mainstream prescriptions.

        There exists a general cowardice in the great majority of people; and I am not talking about the general public, but about the academics who participate in the discussions, proving, that intelligence has small value without a strength of character. Nobody dares to challenge the ruling social, religious or scientific dogmas, the "mainstream", and, as each insist saying something, he supports the lies humanity has conjured up for its own benefit and disaster.

        One encounters everywhere either a general ostrich-style silence, or a debate on the nature of the scape-goats, on whom innocent and magnificent humanity can put the guilt for all the existing problems, and especially for the oncoming and inevitable general disaster. Needless to point out, that the only concern they have is about this one species, superior to and master of everything else in the Universe.

        The natural human tribes lived and live in harmony with each other and the environment, living in the awareness of their systemic interconnectedness and mutual interdependency with all of life. All of life!! where each individual 'I' expresses - transcends - itself by way of its positive actions as a subject, instrument and originator towards the Being and Manifestation of the 'All', through the various groups it chooses to 'constitute' (not 'belong' to!), and through the ecological community and the Planet it is consequently a natural organismic constituent of, in systemic interconnectedness and mutual - symbiotic - interdependence. The 'I' expresses this way its being a true fraction of the 'Infinite I'. That certain personal pronoun, 'we', as applied in all related discussions, and referring purely to 'us, real human beings', has originated from the degenerated thinking of the majority of the species Homo sapiens. It expresses no unity; it expresses herding and ganging up against each other and the rest of creation, as its self-appointed masters.

        Konrad Lorenz was not only the author of the most apposite statement of "I've found the link between apes and civilized men - it's us.", but, as a genial biologist, described the natural rules existing around the setting up and protection of the particular Lebensraum for each individual, family, pack or herd, and the establishing of the "mating right" and "pecking right" of each member within these social units, according to their relevant individual qualities. These "rights" - the functions of individual qualities, abilities and productivity - secure the prevalence of healthy genotypes and phenotypes within a species, and the natural elimination of the life-incapable, the unfit, the runt.

        The human degradation started, when the human runt succeeded to survive and even proliferate itself outside the healthy tribes, on their rejects, protection and consequently under their rule. These became with time the masses. The final degradation and population-explosion appeared with the Marxist/communist/socialist virus, which is far too far imbedded and metastized for having any hope for recuperation.

        The weapons of mass destruction, the combat-weapons, the particularly owned guns and pistols, and the brass-knuckles, bicycle chains and jack-knives, as all the cloak-and-dagger politics, the commercial rat-race, the greedy consumerism, the neighbour-to-neighbour envy and hatred, and all the immoral aberrations are but the signs and expressions of the deep degradation of the human species, not its causes.

        "The beast is here and now, and the people perceive it not, for they are of the beast, they are the beast, and they do not know what they are doing." (LNG)

        As a humanely oriented civilization could be created during the third millennium only through the cooperation of the individual humans characterized above, these, in natural, inborn possession of the qualifying potentials, do not need the motivation but only the guidance of a scientific/spiritual elite born out of their own lines. All others would be only followers, passive, obedient, compliant, subservient, meek, disciplined submissives, without originating and independent survival potential, out of harmony with the General System of Planetary and thus Universal Life, representing the seed of the manipulable masses that have caused and are now deepening the actual planetary predicament, while breeding also, within themselves, their elected, and consequently by them empowered exploiters.

        This is why ambitious leaders are looking exclusively to reinforce their power, whatever the means, in order to maintain under subjection more and more common people for being exploited, while I have to remind, that only the exploitable can be exploited, and that the passive, obedient, compliant, disciplined submission has no survival value anywhere in Nature. It does not fit into - it is not in harmony with - the General System of Planetary, or Universal Life.

        Humans have NOT become an endangered species, but are facing an evolutionary split, where the evolving spearhead is going to continue to surge ahead with "a radically new mode of thinking, acting and performing, pledged to share the planet with ALL the other living species in symbiotic harmony. Their missions will be not humanitarian, but planetarian. And the rest will be remembered one day as a missing link, like it happened so often in evolutionary history.

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