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Update for March 22, 2013 — the new prodigies book is now available through Barnes&Noble.
Much of the book's information is based on SesquIQ's SQ project, and since the book details some of the features within the SQ classifications of cognition the previous SQ tests have now been halted and no scoring will be given except for the new SQ tests.

The online project is now completed. Participants who provided their email addresses will have their personal scores emailed to them when the results are finished being entered into the database.

Of the general public that participated in the online project, 99.4% scored a 100 SQ, and .6% scored a 115 SQ. The online results are only applicable to the general population that had a cause to visit a high IQ society website and who possessed a willingness to participate in a project that required a substantial quantity of effort. Of the general offline population, a 100 SQ currently stands at over 99.9%.

Everyone's participation has been sincerely appreciated. The data received from the project will help clarify how to best present future tests. No future online projects are expected at this time.

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