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About SesquIQ:

"Sesqui-" means one and a half, (sesquicentennial is 150 years), so using a play on the prefix and an acronym, adding "sesqui" to the average IQ of 100 is therefore 150. Pronounced ( ses kwi' ku ).

Membership Requirements:

(i) Verifiable 150 IQ (99.9%+ as scored on a legitimate supervised IQ test), or 180 SQ. (View update)

(ii) Personally and physically involved in a productive activity that has universal value to Nature.

Definition of Pro-Nature:

Pro-Nature is, in part, defined as "in favor of sustaining that which all life is dependent upon: Nature." Nature and environmentalism are not synonyms. Nature-based logic is triangulated upon the only verifiably accurate fixed-point of reference, which is the inherent laws of the Universe itself. Man-made laws cannot supersede Nature-made laws, and therefore it is most rational to base a society or ideology upon a system of conduct that is in harmony with the laws of Nature.


Members' personal information is kept private. SesquIQ does not publicly share nor publish names, scores, membership applications, or personal correspondence.

Sensory Quotient:
Beyond Prodigies website

Beyond Prodigies book cover

Update for March 22, 2013 — the new prodigies book is now available through Barnes&Noble.
Much of the book's information is based on SesquIQ's SQ project, and since the book details some of the features within the SQ classifications of cognition the previous SQ tests have now been halted and no scoring will be given except for the new SQ tests.

SQ is partially described on the Answers to IQ Questions and Definition of IQ pages.

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is designated as potential intelligence. Sensory Quotient (SQ) is differentiated as being actualized intelligence. High IQ can exist without the intellectual capacity of applying the potential to real-world analyses. High SQ is the intellectual capacity and application of real-world analyses. Both IQ and SQ are measurable attributes of intelligence, both are as important as the other, and it is a rational choice for a high intelligence society to accept members based on the verified high intellectual capacities of IQ and SQ.

SesquIQ provides both a free online SQ test as well as the official SQ test. The unofficial online test is for pre-evaluation, self-evaluation, and entertainment only. The official test is only available to those who score 180 or higher on the online test. To date, a 180 SQ is above the 99.997 percentile.


Please use the contact page for all online correspondence.

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All pages from the original SesquIQ website have been updated, reformatted, and placed under The Logics website's sub-domain. The use of this sub-domain allows the pages to be viewed ad-free and programmed for maximum speed, security, dependability, aesthetics, and compatibility with all modern browsers and monitors. The original website will be kept online due to its high popularity. There are no current plans to again use the domain name nor to publish new articles.

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