Cancerous Masses and Manifestations

Imre von Soos - Copyright©2006

What do you know about cancer? That it is lethal unless detected well in time and acted against? What else? Well, here is some further information to remember:

The cancer is an agglomeration of organismically inactive parasitic cells, that have changed their natural identity, and serve no useful purpose in the tissues or organs of their origin, nor in any other system. It exhibits unlimited and uncontrollable power of exponential growth - in size but not in structural or functional complexity - and has the ability and tendency to spread and metastasize to other locations, where it may lodge through filtration, and assume a renewal of growth. By its very nature it maims and kills the system it feeds on. In spite of this, cancer is not classified as a disease, for in its appearance and location - but not in its function - it is an actual part of the body itself. It appears to have as much biological right as any functional tissue or organ.

Genes are genetic blueprints which define the way of existence of a cell: its constituent parts, physiological functions and essential nature. The first two classify it as a cell, the last one includes identity, purpose, attitudes, reactions, behaviour-patterns, according to which the cell interrelates with others of its kind, constituting thus organisms of higher order with greater versatility and diversity. This is where the cancer virus - masquerading as a gene - interferes.

The cancer virus - a DNA or RNA molecule in an outer coat of protein, which in isolation possesses no criteria of life, that is, it cannot grow or multiply itself - infiltrates the natural cell, and joins its genetic material, which is composed of the same macro-molecules (nucleic acids), and becomes a phony gene - an adverse thought-form of negation in the life and organismic function of the cell. Its influence consists of creating dichotomy between the cell and its inherent organismic tendencies relating both to function and to reproduction. One could say that it converts a weak character to an unnatural, pseudo identity, reverts its purpose towards itself, and - to secure the permanency of this state - changes its self-expression - attitudes, reactions, behaviour-patterns - accordingly. It is also directing the cell to propagate the same type of virus, which can then infiltrate and corrupt other natural cells. The original virus partakes in the mitosis of the nucleus, reproducing the cancer-cells through division.

Two characteristics make the cancer more lethal than would be the direct attack of any disease or disorder, against which the whole resistance of the organism would be mobilized. The first is, that even if the cell has exerted originally some resistance at its own level, once the virus has joined the genetic code, it becomes converted - one could say brainwashed - into a full-fledged cancer-cell, which condition it will consider perfectly natural, and will exert all its energies to maintain. The second, to the organism lethal characteristic is, that the cell thus possessed does not alter its superficial appearance, and encounters resistance neither from the healthy cells on its own level, nor from the tissue, organ or organism, which continue sustaining it as one of their constituents. The aberrant element receives all its necessities, but does not fill any function within the assemblage, existing on the expense and to the detriment of its host.

A singular parasite would go unnoticed, would it not reproduce itself exponentially, and potentially to an unlimited extent. Logically, the results are uniform identities with a pseudo-purpose, regressed to the state of mono-cellular existence, completely lacking any tendency both to integration and to evolutionary growth. While the natural elements of a complex are maintained in equilibrium by the essence of the complex, the parasitic elements expand themselves more and more in the form of a mass, a growth, uncontrolled and uncontrollable, as, in accordance with their nature, they will never - no matter what size or number they might reach - elevate that growth to the next level of the organismic, of the Natural Order. I want to call attention to the prominent distinction that one is a co-operative of heterogeneous entities, while the other an unruly agglomeration of homogeneous non-entities, a potentially pathogenic agent, closing the system below its own level. Consequently neither will millions or billions of them reach the heights - or life-value - of one singular, healthy, natural element, for they are without organismic essence.

If the cell was in its natural form weak and tired - for it had to work fulfilling its purpose within the organism, constantly competing for its position by proving its fitness -, in its new role as a parasite it is neither. Its purpose became itself - that is, grab as much as possible from the healthy and productive cells -; and competition being non-existent - for there are, in this state, no exigencies regarding either quality - for all being equally base -, or quantity -, it doesn't need to fight for its survival. All its energy is used to assert itself in its own actual situation, which is - from a mono-cell's point of view that became too ignorant to think and too impotent to act - optimum.

While there is no competition between the individual cells, neither is there any cohesion and co-operation. Clustering into agglomerations - growths - is purely accidental, as are the metastases: they have no co-operative purpose, nor collective value; they are only manifestations of particular proliferations, as if in an unlimited environment.

The growth causes first discomfort, then pain to the complex, which, due to the mask, never recognizes it as an alien, but continues accepting its rights, as that of those which are its legitimate, natural constituents. It is of importance to note that the parasitic growth only causes pain to the system by its effects, but does not hurt as such, because, although it is situated within the complex, it forms no part of it. If the singular parasites suffer, each does so within itself as a separate element, and as a consequence of its own nature, their suffering being of no concern to the complex.

Because the cancer-cell - being parasitic - is regressive both in its own existence and by dispersing energy taken from its host, and because its proliferation is unlimited, it comes to a state where its agglomeration is suppressing vital elements, and the energy taken is in excess of what the host can provide. This renders the whole system entropic, and leads to its fast extinction. With it die the cancer-cells, for - not functioning on collective level - they are incapable to recognize that their exploitive action leads to their own destruction as well as their environment's.

. . in the full creation leave a void,
Where, one step broken, the great scale's destroyed:
From Nature's chain whatever link you strike,
Tenth or ten thousandth, breaks the chain alike.
(From Alexander Pope's An Essay on Man)

My question was not just by the way. Because now I am challenging to reread very carefully what was just written about cancer, and substitute the concept of the thought-form of the cancer virus working within a biological organism with the thought-form of some social systems working within the social organism. As the above example applies to all pseudo-systems where regressive elements cluster into a substanceless agglomeration, each can draw his own conclusions from the analogy. To help in this pursuit, I will quote Gabriel Marcel:

"The mass itself is a lie and it is against the mass and for the universal in man that he must bear witness. Men as mobs are less than men; only passion and violence rule them. Numbers are not magical, it is only man conscious in himself as man, thinking and responsible, who is capable of the good, the true and the beautiful. . . But in point of fact the masses exist and develop (following laws which are fundamentally purely mechanical) only at a level far below that at which intelligence and love are possible. Why should this be so? Because the masses partake of the human only in a degraded state, they are themselves a degraded state of human. ...what we have to do is to introduce a social and political order which will withdraw the greatest number of beings possible from this mass state of abasement and alienation. One mark of that state is that the masses are of their very essence - I repeat, of their very essence - the stuff of which fanaticism is made: propaganda has on them the convulsive effect of an electric shock. It arouses them not to life, but to that appearance of life which particularly manifests itself in riots and revolutions. Also, of course, it is usual - and I do not know that the essential principle of this necessity has ever been grasped - on such occasions for the very dregs of the population to rise to the surface and take command of events. It is at the lowest level that the crystallization of mass impulses to violence takes place. . . It is just as if they took on concrete life; though an abnormal and unhealthy life, which we could properly compare to that of a cancer tissue. It is experience alone that can throw light on when, where, and how such life is able to take shape. We should have to look, in the first place, into just how the mass condition is able to come into being, particularly in great urban and industrial agglomerations; and secondly into how these masses - to whom we must refuse all ontological dignity, that is, we must not consider them as having substantial being - can be galvanized and magnetized, invariably, as it would seem, by fanatical groups growing up round a nucleus of dictatorship. would be necessary to transcend such data as history and sociology might provide us with in order to isolate, if not exactly the laws, at least the more or less constant conditions, of a social dynamism which imitates life but reaches its climax only in what we ought rather to call death: that is, in servitude and terror."

One marquant characteristic of the communist-socialist - marxist - political and social mass-systems - to which in a greater or lesser degree also all actual soi-disant 'democracies' belong - is, that all their national leaders are only second in charge, for which position there are cloak and dagger contests fought incessantly, ending often with the discredit and even execution of the previous top-man and his clique, without this ever changing the way of thinking, the politics, or the process of things. Because the first in charge is the virus, the bug, the blueprint, representing a totalitarian system of anonymous and impersonal power.

What does this impersonal power mean? That each and every person participating in that system, whether out of conviction or just bovine obedience, or even just only with his silence, becomes the exponent, the carrier and the propagator; the agent, the subject and the instrument of that auto-totalitarianism. The suppression of the mass-people for the mass-people, by the mass-people.

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