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Thoughts about Absolute Reality

Imre von Soos

        ”There are no facts flying around in nature as if they are butterflies . .” (v. Bertalanffy)

        An interesting thought came to me – supporting the above statement – when I was listening to a lecture delivered by professor Helmut Schmidt of the Mind Science Foundation, San Antonio, Texas, USA, on the I. International Conference on Mind-Matter Interaction in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1985. He has been carrying out an extensive statistical research into psychokinesis using random number generators.

        The basic idea behind the research was that the RNG produces in the long run an equal quantity of even and odd numbers, and if this result can be consistently changed through mental action, then the existence of PK is proven. The statistical results were overwhelming: the RNG has in fact obeyed the mental commands of the test subjects. The result coincided with those of other researchers with dice and cards.

        But further experiments of Prof. Schmidt have produced even more interesting results. The test-subject in this case was not present when the numbers were generated and recorded, neither did he know when this was done. The tape was later presented to him to concentrate and exert his will to arrive at an uneven result, after which the tape was replayed for evaluation. It has to be remembered that, as nobody has interfered mentally with the random number generation, the tape must have contained after the recording as many even as odd numbers, a fact that was constantly verified by test-runs. In spite of this, those tapes that have been posteriorly interfered with mentally, have produced positive results. But – and this is of very great significance – if a recording was evaluated first – even if that was done with a second copy – and then the first copy given to the subject to change its content using his will, his efforts were ineffective.

        This experiment raises two possibilities:

        1. The mind retroacted over matter in time, i.e. it interfered post-dated with the original random number generations, the tapes thus changing their contents accordingly; or

        2. The tapes contained equal quantities of even and odd numbers as the result of a not interfered with number-generation before it was handed to the test-subject, who then changed, with the power of his mind, its original content.

        The tapes had, in both hypotheses, originally an even distribution of evens and odds, and were interfered with posteriorly: in the first case indirectly, through retro-action in time over the RNG; and in the second case directly, through action over the proper tape. But there remains in both cases a very critical question:

        Why, if the tapes' content could be interfered with – directly or indirectly through the power of the mind – was this prevented by the fact that it was first replayed and evaluated by a machine? And further: has – if our answer to the first proposition is in the affirmative – causality been reverted: the cause, the subject's act of interference, following the effect, the change in the output of the RNG, mind retro-acting in time over matter?

        There is no argument in favour of the mind retro-acting in time, interfering thus with the process of random number generation, the result of which would be then – also retro-acting in time – transferred to the tape, producing in replay the altered results. Should retro-action be possible, then a pre-evaluation would not have prevented any further interference.

        The chain of events follow the way they are engraved in the akashic records, the world-line of the events, which is within the time structure, meaning that it is on the psychic plane, the plane underlying, causal to, the physical one. This engraving happens through conscious perception, which is the feed-back link between the physical events and its underlying psychic plane. The apperception of an event on the level of that event is necessary to fix it within the chain, the reality of which will form part of Reality from that moment on.

        It stands to reason that if the process of the random number generating would not have been recorded or otherwise monitored originally, it would not have made its mark on the progression of events and would have disappeared irrecoverably. The same would have happened if the tape would have been destroyed before being replayed and monitored. Its content would have existed exclusively on the physical plane, and would not have formed any part of the psycho-physical reality. Only by conscious observation or interference did it become realised – made real – and thus an integral part of a chain of events. The result of the random number generation in its interfered-with state became fixed in time – became an event – at the moment of the observation, and not at the time marked at their actual happening. Once the content of the tape was brought into conscious existence through the monitoring of a replay, the mind was up against altering a past event, which it was unable to do. As long as it was not exposed to that effect, the content remained in the present – and would have stayed there for eternity – and consequently open to interference at any later time.

The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.
Omar Khayyám

        The key is in the having writ: having placed into the sphere of conscious recordings, beyond which act there is no return. Like Schrödinger's cat that can be – or rather is – both dead and alive until, through the direct observational experience of one element of consciousness, that is subjective, it gets fixed as one or the other into “objective reality” as the unalterable event on the world-line of that particular existence. Previous to that observation a mind can act decisively on the outcome: posteriorly not.

        Thus the answer to Einstein's question: "Is the moon there when I am not looking?" is in the affirmative ever since a mind consciously interacted with its being there.

        The afore-said brings to the interesting conclusion that objective reality is built on a subjective structure; that even that part of reality, which can be expressed in absolutely concrete terms, is of subjective origin.

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