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Update for March 22, 2013 — the new prodigies book is now available through Barnes&Noble.
Much of the book's information is based on SesquIQ's SQ project. All previous SQ tests that were not finished prior to 3-12-2013 are no longer being given a score. Only the new SQ tests will be evaluated.

Answers to IQ Questions

Cancerous Masses and Manifestations

Definition of Ethics, Morals, Virtue, and Quality

Definition of IQ

Environmental Sustainability

The Four Horsemen

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The Integrarchic Society

It's Not the Speed, It's the Stupidity



Myths, Facts, and Lies About Prodigies - A Historiography of William James Sidis

Natural Order - Universal Relativity

Natural Order - Universal Relativity (PDF)

Playing the Game

Professor Dawkins' Gods and Intelligent Replicators (PDF)

The Rational Evolution of the Specie

Reactions to the essay of A Strategy for the Future of Humanity

Sensory Research Project

Thoughts on Absolute Reality

Thoughts on Engineering Design

Thoughts on the Neo-Darwinian Theory of Evolution

Thoughts on a New Image of Man

Thoughts on Dr. Stanley Milgram's Experiment

Thoughts on Education

Thoughts on Responsibility

Thoughts on Shaping a New Intellectual Framework for Humanity

Thoughts on the General System Theory - [ 1 ]

Thoughts on the General System Theory - [ 2 ]

The Unsustainable Degradation of a Runted Species

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